Site: Google Omaha, NE

Company: Google
Metro: Omaha
State: Nebraska
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Street Address
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Estimated Construction Completion Date: 07/01/24

Operations for the proposed facility will be located within multiple buildings, totaling approximately 1,432,280 gross square feet in floor area, with various equipment yards and parking areas throughout the site as well as a security entrance and OPPD switchyard

Map and Nearby Locations:

Street Address
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SITES within 15 miles of Google Omaha, NE

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
6.61 miles LoCoCoLo Omaha
7.14 miles Lumen Omaha 10,000 2
7.14 miles Scott Data Center Omaha 110,000 9
9.02 miles First National Technology Solutions
9.11 miles 1623 Farnam: Omaha Carrier Hotel 75,000
10.74 miles Yahoo Oath La Vista NE 180,000 20
11.80 miles Fidelity Omaha West DC
12.47 miles Lightedge Omaha 16,377 2
12.67 miles Adobe Nebraska 10
13.44 miles CyrusOne Council Bluffs 114,500 6
Proposed drawing of the Campus