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Sites within 15 miles of Adobe Nebraska

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Distance Site About
0.94 miles Lightedge Omaha
LightEdge acquired the facility form Cabela's in September 2017
1.16 miles TierPoint Omaha Midlands
The site was acquired when TierPoint bought Cosentury in January 2016.
2.33 miles Fidelity Omaha West DC
2.82 miles Yahoo Oath La Vista NE
5.42 miles Meta: Sarpy (East Campus)
5.49 miles Google: Papillion NE
5.84 miles Meta Sarpy Nebraska
The original plan called for 900,000 sqft data center space and a 70,000 office space. Facebook has since announced an expansion that will bring the complex to 2.6 million square feet. The first data center comes online in 2020.
5.93 miles Meta: Sarpy (South Campus)
6.31 miles Lumen Omaha
6.31 miles Scott Data Center Omaha
6.32 miles TierPoint Omaha-Bellevue
Nearly 100,000 SqFt of space in a reinforced concrete block and brick building Expansion capable up to 400,000 SqFt
6.50 miles LoCoCoLo Omaha
8.95 miles 1623 Farnam: Omaha Carrier Hotel
This is Omaha's interconnect point.
9.09 miles First National Technology Solutions
9.37 miles CyrusOne Council Bluffs
10.32 miles Google Council Bluffs near Lake Manawa
12.67 miles Google Omaha, NE
12.91 miles Google Council Bluffs Southlands

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Adobe is the makes in digital media and digital marketing software

2 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
16.0 Megawatts
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