Scott Data Center Omaha

6805 Pine Street

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  • Loading dock with dock lever and staging area.
  • All facilities elevated above the 100-year flood plain.
  • Private workspace and relaxation areas with access to shower facilities.
  • Raised Floor: 20” Tate ConCore 2500 Access Floor System.
  • Floor Load: 2,500 lbs/tile.
  • Subfloor Load: Depressed slab on grade.


  • Utility: Omaha Public Power District
  • Utility Capacity: Two medium voltage utility feeds. Medium voltage distributed through ring bus fully redundant configuration.
  • Critical Power Capacity: Up to 9,000 kW of critical load capability in a fully redundant, isolated 2N UPS configuration delivered through eight (8) independent AB 2500 KVA buses.
  • UPS Storage Systems: Battery DC energy storage system arranged in an N+1 battery string per UPS module.
  • Redundancy: All UPSs are double conversion units paralleled for capacity, a single STS 1+N configuration and wrap around maintenance bypass to allow UPS services without cutting power to A or B side of critical load.
  • Energy Power: Up to eight (8) 2250 kW Medium Voltage Diesel Generators in an N+1 configuration. Units housed indoors for protection with physical separation between units and switchgear.
  • Fuel Storage: 24+ hours of fuel in multiple tanks to prevent fuel spoilage. Onsite refueling capable while running.


  • Cooling: Precision cooling floor-mounted chiller water air conditioning units provide N+1 cooling to each suite.
  • Redundancy: Chilled water supplied through diverse and redundant loops from an N+1 configured central plant with multiple 1,250-ton water cooled chillers.
  • Air Handling: CO2 monitored variable airflow provides ventilation and pressurization air.
  • Humidification: Armstrong Humidification System.
  • Backup Water System: Independent well for condenser make up water for cooling towers.
  • Leak Detection: Rope style leak detection under raised floor.

Site History: [r1]

2002 – The Campus Begins
  • Walter Scott Jr., Chairman of Level 3 Communications and an industry leader, invests in 20 acres of land in midtown Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Through the Suzanne & Walter Scott Foundation, Mr. Scott establishes the Scott Technology Center, a campus for technology incubation, technology transfer, and data center offerings.
  • The initial 60,000 square foot facility serves as a technology incubator as well as a collaboration space between industry, government, and academia.
2005 – The Scott Technology Center Campus Expands
  • A second 80,000 square foot facility on the Scott Technology Center campus is erected.
  • The facility is designed to house global operation centers and satellite monitoring laboratories for Fortune 500 companies.
  • The Scott Technology Center is now a growing technology presence in Omaha.
2006 – Scott Data Center Is Born
  • Scott Data Center’s first phase of construction is completed.
  • The 50,000 square foot facility meets stringent criteria for both Department of Defense and National Intelligence Community physical and electronic security, redundancy, and reliability.
  • The facility also meets Tier III specifications for data center operations.
2008 – Scott Data Center Expands
  • Scott Data Center adds an additional 30,000 square feet of facilities.
  • Mirroring the construction of the 2006 facility, and physically attached to the original data center, the 2008 addition is specifically focused on private sector users.
  • Within 6 months of completion, the Scott Data Center addition has occupants of highly regulated industries, including health care, insurance, and financial services.
  • The Scott Data Center now offers a total of 80,000 square feet of facilities.
2010 – Co-Location Space Added, Power Upgraded
  • Based on growing demand, Scott Data Center adds co-location space and begins the process of upgrading power to the original 50,000 square feet of data center.
  • While embarking on the design phase of the power upgrade, Scott Data Center engages the Uptime Institute to begin the process of achieving Tier III Design Certification.
2011 – Tier III Design Certification
  • February 4, 2011, the Uptime Institute names Scott Data Center the 21st Tier III Design Certified facility
  • Tier III Design Certification makes Scott Data Center Nebraska’s first Tier Certified data center and the region’s only multi-tenant, Tier III certified data center.
  • In the spring, Scott Data Center prepares to break ground and begin construction on the Tier III Certified design.
  • The design adds a 20 megawatt central plant in support of the Scott Data Center, and brings the total Scott Data Center square footage to more than 110,000 square feet.
2012 – Expansion Complete, Tier III Design and Construction Certification Achieved
  • Scott Data Center renovation and central plant expansion are complete, and the 20 megawatt plant is online.
  • June 2012, the Scott Data Center becomes the first multi-tenant data center in Nebraska and only the second in the United States to receive Tier III Certification in both design and construction from the Uptime Institute.


r1. Scott Data Center Web Site

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6805 Pine Street
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Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Scott Data Center offers more than 110,000 square feet of facilities

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