Site: Databank Indianapolis IND1

Company: DataBank
Metro: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
731 West Henry Street

Gross SqFt: 54,000
Total Power: ??? NN
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The site was formerly known owned by Lightbound before being acquired in October 2019.

Map and Nearby Locations:

731 West Henry Street

SITES within 15 miles of Databank Indianapolis IND1

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.03 miles Databank Indianapolis IND2 31,500 5
0.04 miles Netrality Indy Telecom Center
0.06 miles Netrality 701 W Henry 10,504 1
0.06 miles US Signal Indianapolis
0.22 miles Online Tech 44,000 3
1.67 miles Level3 Indianapolis
6.43 miles AT&T CO 5009 E 38th
6.95 miles Lifeline Eastgate 90,000
11.06 miles Level3 (was TWTC) Indianapolis
14.15 miles Expedient Indianapolis 38,000 4
Lightbound at 731 West Henry Street