AT&T CO 5009 E 38th

5009 E 38th St

Operated by:

AT&T central office. Not clear if the company offers colocation at this location

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5009 E 38th St
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4.10 miles Lifeline Eastgate
6.31 miles Online Tech
6.37 miles Netrality 701 W Henry
6.38 miles US Signal Indianapolis
Located in the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana, this location has recently been expanded to allow more customers to house their infrastructure and transmit their data entirely on the US Signal network
6.40 miles Databank Indianapolis IND2
6.42 miles Netrality Indy Telecom Center
The Indy Telecom Center is a 11 building 9-acre campus comprising ~205k sqft. The campus is considered Indianapolis's Carrier Hotel.
6.43 miles Databank Indianapolis IND1
The site was formerly known owned by Lightbound before being acquired in October 2019.
6.72 miles Lumen Indianapolis 1
8.59 miles US Signal: 6325 Morenci
10.04 miles Lumen Indianapolis 3
10.05 miles Expedient Indianapolis
Redundant electric utility power feeds, 4 auto-cutover diesel generators, multiple cooling systems, a 24-inch raised floor, and advanced fire suppression

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