Data4 Paris-Saclay

3 Route de Marcoussis - 91620 Nozay

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The DATA4 Paris-Saclay site is a large campus consisting of 9 individual data center buildings. The campus can be expanded to support a total of 25 buildings and 100 megawatts. The campus opened in 2007 and was previously a Alcatel Lucent research facility.

  • 9 Data Centers
  • Capacity for 16 additional buildings
  • Power for the site is supplied by the Villejust electricity substation, which is one of the most powerful in Europe, with two underground high-voltage lines of 90,000 V each
  • High security, with 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Interconnection to over 70 telecom operators / Direct access to more than 145 public Cloud platforms
  • Proximity to the Paris-Saclay ecosystem (Top 8 of worldwide clusters – MIT ranking)
  • A pleasant working environment for your staff: “living” areas, relaxation areas, offices and sporting facilities
  • An environmentally responsible approach to promote biodiversity by preserving 70 hectares of listed woodland, including beehives and the production of several dozen kilos of honey each year


DATA4 supports use of Renewable Energy throughout its sites. 100% of its electricity consumption is produced from Renewable Energy (hydraulic and wind).

In addition, for each MWh consumed, the French electric utility company EDF donates one Euro to renewable energy R&D in France.


The Paris-Saclay campus is located in Marcoussis, less than 20 minutes from an international airport (ORLY) and an RER-TGV connecting train station (Massy), as well as being 30 minutes by car from the centre of Paris (via the A6 or N118).

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3 Route de Marcoussis - 91620 Nozay
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Sites within 15 miles of Data4 Paris-Saclay

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Distance Site About
2.61 miles Colt Paris South West
3.03 miles Alionis ADC1
5.05 miles Amazon Brétigny-sur-Orge
7.05 miles CyrusOne Paris I
8.53 miles CloudHQ: Lisses, France
9.00 miles Telehouse Paris 3 Magny-Les-Hameaux
9.48 miles Cogent Velizy Villacoublay
9.48 miles zColo Paris Vélizy
10.97 miles ilad DC3
12.72 miles NTT: Paris 1
NTT announced that its Global Data Centers division will develop and operate its first data centre campus in Paris, France. The campus, spanning 35.5 acres, is set to support a planned capacity of 84 MW across three data centres.
12.86 miles iliad DC4
12.92 miles iliad DC2
13.65 miles BT Services Paris
13.86 miles Interxion Paris PAR6
14.89 miles Colt Paris South West (Wattignies)
15.50 miles Foliateam Paris Nation
15.81 miles Claranet Faubourg Elysées
15.88 miles Telehouse Paris 2 Voltaire
Telehouse Voltaire is one of the best-connected data centers in Paris, if not all of Europe.
16.11 miles Telehouse Paris 1
16.14 miles ETIX Paris#1 Poissonnière
16.61 miles Level3 Paris Le Capitole
16.89 miles zColo Courbevoie
17.28 miles Interxion Paris PAR4
17.63 miles Global Switch Paris East-West
17.67 miles AtlasEdge North (Bessieres)
17.71 miles Equinix Courbevoie PA7
The Courbevoie PA7 site was formerly operated by Telecity. The PA7 IBX is located in Paris Courbevoie, in close proximity to La Defense - Paris's business district. Situated 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, 30 minutes from Orly Airport and 25 minutes from the city center, it features metro connectivity to PA6.
17.75 miles Level3 Paris (Boulevard de Verdun)
17.91 miles Cogent La Garenne-Colombes
18.59 miles Interxion Paris PAR1
18.59 miles Equinix Paris PA5
18.89 miles Interxion Paris PAR2
18.94 miles GTT Paris
19.08 miles Verizon Paris
19.09 miles Equinix Paris PA6
19.29 miles Interxion PAR5
19.32 miles Interxion PAR3
This campus represents two Interxion buildings PAR3 and PAR5
19.38 miles Equinix Paris PA8
19.39 miles Equinix Paris Pantin PA4
19.99 miles ETIX Paris #2 Saint-Denis
19.99 miles Equinix Paris Saint Denis PA2, PA3

Data4 Paris-Saclay Data Center Photos

Battery Room

Aerial View of DATA4 Paris Campus
Source: DATA4

DATA4 Paris Features Water Feature and Foot Bridges
Source: Francois Amiot

Fresh Coat of Snow
Source: Francois Amiot

Entrance to DATA4 in Marcoussis

Colocation Floor Area
English sign on a French data center campus

DATA4 Sign

English sign on a French data center campus

Generators at Paris-Saclay

Operating Company

Created in 2006 by Colony Capital, DATA4 is the European specialist in the construction and operation of ultra-secure data centers for French and international companies in the digital, manufacturing, service and banking and insurance sectors, who are seeking to outsource their data.

DATA4 manages flexible, high-performance and carrier- and cloud-neutral data centers, offering solutions from one colocation rack all the way through to purpose-built, dedicated facilities.

DATA4 Group operates data centers in France, Italy and Luxembourg, with a total net technical area of 22,000m² of IT rooms and more than 32 MW of IT power.

Company History:

2006: Creation of DATA4, joint venture between Alcatel, French telecommunications giant, and Colony Capital, international investment fund.

2007: The first client is hosted on the Paris campus

2009: The third building comes on line

2010: The fourth building comes on line

2011: The fifth building comes on line

2012: The sixth building comes on line and incorporates a high-density room.

2012: Acquisition of 3 data centers in Luxembourg, from Secure IT

2013: Creation of the Milan campus

2014: The first client from Milan is hosted

2015: A new executive committee is appointed to support the Group's growth targets.

2015: Second and third buildings in Milan comes on line

6 Facilities Owned
5 Markets Served
107.4 Megawatts
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