Equinix Paris Pantin PA4

110 Avenue du Général Leclerc

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Equinix PA4 in Pantin is a Tier III+ data centre converted from a former mail sorting centre. The facility renovation was completed in the summer of 2012.

Phase 1 included 4,100 sqm of IT space. The facility will total 11,400 sqm of IT space for all 3 phases.

  • The 6th floor has a large conference room, a dining area, and smaller partitioned meeting rooms.
  • The 7th floor has office space

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110 Avenue du Général Leclerc
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The PAR7 data centre, opened in June 2012. Located in front of the A86 highway “La Courneuve centre” exit, this data centre offers 2N+1 UPS power and N+1 cooling
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This campus represents two Interxion buildings PAR3 and PAR5
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7.21 miles Level3 Paris Avenue des Nations)
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The Courbevoie PA7 site was formerly operated by Telecity. The PA7 IBX is located in Paris Courbevoie, in close proximity to La Defense - Paris's business district. Situated 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, 30 minutes from Orly Airport and 25 minutes from the city center, it features metro connectivity to PA6.
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7.44 miles iliad DC4
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Equinix Paris Pantin PA4 Data Center Photos

Data Center is located at 110 Avenue du Général Leclerc in Pantin
HDR Image of Equinix PA4

Data Center is located at 110 Avenue du Général Leclerc in Pantin

Source: RB Architects

Small Break Room at PA4

Equinix Techs at Work

Colo Cabinets Ready for Customers

Cable Trays in the Hallway

Antennae Perspective on the Roof at PA4

6th Floor Conference Room with views of the Bobigny area

Kitchen Space

Aerial View of Pantin Data Center

The Classic Red Silo is Common in many Equinix Data Centers

Equinix cage door
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Equinix connects the world’s leading businesses to their customers, employees and partners inside the most interconnected data centers.

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