Site: Equinix Paris Saint Denis PA2, PA3

Company: Equinix
Metro: Paris
Country: France
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Gross SqFt: 139,845

Site SqM
PA2 6,300
PA3 6,692

Map and Nearby Locations:

114 Rue Ambroise Croizat, 93200 Saint-Denis, France

SITES within 15 miles of Equinix Paris Saint Denis PA2, PA3

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.00 miles zColo Saint-Denis 0.56
1.01 miles Interxion Paris PAR3 PAR5 66,736
1.25 miles Verizon Paris
1.42 miles Equinix Paris PA6 49,298 5.12
1.56 miles GTT Paris 25,833 2.40
1.66 miles Evoque PAR1
1.68 miles Interxion Paris PAR2 32,292
1.93 miles Equinix Paris PA5 12,486
1.93 miles Interxion Paris PAR1 15,000
2.13 miles Interxion Paris Digital Park

November 2017

PA2 Data Sheet (PDF)

November 2017

PA3 Data Sheet (PDF)

July 2016

Shows all the Equinix IBXs in the Paris metro: Roissy, Courbevoie, St Denis, Pantin, and Aubervilliers

November 2017

Equinix Paris Metro Overview