Cogent La Garenne-Colombes

77 Boulevard de la République

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77 Boulevard de la République
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0.77 miles Equinix Courbevoie PA7
The Courbevoie PA7 site was formerly operated by Telecity. The PA7 IBX is located in Paris Courbevoie, in close proximity to La Defense - Paris's business district. Situated 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, 30 minutes from Orly Airport and 25 minutes from the city center, it features metro connectivity to PA6.
0.84 miles Level3 Paris (Boulevard de Verdun)
1.14 miles zColo Courbevoie
1.79 miles Level3 Paris Le Capitole
2.53 miles Global Switch Paris East-West
3.10 miles Interxion Paris PAR4
3.72 miles AtlasEdge North (Bessieres)
4.32 miles Claranet Faubourg Elysées
5.15 miles Equinix Paris Saint Denis PA2, PA3
5.15 miles ETIX Paris #2 Saint-Denis
5.23 miles Equinix Saint-Denis PA10
5.32 miles Telehouse Paris 1
5.46 miles ETIX Paris#1 Poissonnière
5.51 miles Interxion PAR5
5.51 miles Interxion PAR3
This campus represents two Interxion buildings PAR3 and PAR5
5.53 miles Verizon Paris
5.76 miles Equinix Paris PA6
5.76 miles GTT Paris
5.82 miles Interxion Paris PAR1
5.82 miles Equinix Paris PA5
5.86 miles Interxion Paris PAR2
5.88 miles iliad DC4
7.23 miles Digital Realty: Paris Digital Park
Digital Realty's Paris Digital Park campus comprised of four connected data centers located in the La Courneuve area of the French capital.
7.23 miles Interxion Paris Digital Park
7.27 miles Digital Realty: PAR 9
Engineering firm Mercury delivered Digital Realty's PAR9 facility in February 2024.
7.29 miles Digital Realty: PAR 11
Digital Realty's Paris Digital Park campus comprises four connected data centers located in the La Courneuve area of the French capital.
7.32 miles Digital Realty: PAR 10
Digital Realty's Paris Digital Park campus comprises four connected data centers located in the La Courneuve area of the French capital.
7.35 miles Telehouse Paris 2 Voltaire
Telehouse Voltaire is one of the best-connected data centers in Paris, if not all of Europe.
7.44 miles Interxion Paris PAR7
The PAR7 data centre, opened in June 2012. Located in front of the A86 highway “La Courneuve centre” exit, this data centre offers 2N+1 UPS power and N+1 cooling
8.00 miles Equinix Paris PA8
8.01 miles Equinix Paris Pantin PA4
8.17 miles BT Services Paris
8.61 miles Foliateam Paris Nation
8.65 miles Cogent Velizy Villacoublay
8.66 miles zColo Paris Vélizy
8.68 miles Colt Paris South West (Wattignies)
9.70 miles Interxion Paris PAR6
10.96 miles iliad DC2
11.11 miles ilad DC3
11.16 miles Scaleway DC5
12.63 miles CyrusOne Paris I
13.03 miles TeliaSonera Roissy
13.13 miles Equinix Paris PA1
13.62 miles Level3 Paris Avenue des Nations)
14.51 miles Telehouse Paris 3 Magny-Les-Hameaux
15.14 miles Alionis ADC1
16.04 miles Colt Paris South West
16.50 miles CELESTE-Marilyn
17.91 miles Data4 Paris-Saclay
The DATA4 Paris-Saclay site is a large campus consisting of 9 individual data center buildings. The campus can be expanded to support a total of 25 buildings and 100 megawatts.
18.30 miles Euclyde DC6 Lognes
18.64 miles Thésée Aubergenville

Cogent La Garenne-Colombes Data Center Photos

Operating Company

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1999; publicly traded company (NASDAQ: CCOI).
  • Headquartered in Washington, DC.
  • Serves 190 markets in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Provides Internet access, Ethernet transport and colocation services.

Cogent Network

  • 2,125 On-Net buildings
    • 69% multi-tenant office buildings
    • 31% carrier neutral and Cogent data centers
  • 50 Cogent data centers with 550,000+ square feet
  • 610+ metro networks; 27,200+ metro fiber miles
  • 59,000+ intercity fiber route miles
  • Long-haul capacity up to 580 Gbps
  • Transatlantic capacity over 800 Gbps across multiple cables/routes Interconnected with 5,270+ different networks

Acquisition History

Although debuting at the height of the telecom industry, Cogent soon found vast market wealth eradicated and many other ISPs thrown into a state of turmoil. In a survival of the fittest competition, Cogent became the consolidator in a consolidating market. Over three brief years, Cogent completed 13 acquisitions of other flailing providers. Whether it was an entire company or just select assets, Cogent was able to acquire valuable network assets, customers, peering relationships and building access agreements for pennies on the dollar.

Among Cogent's 13 acquisitions to date include three of the original generation Internet Service Providers who were pioneers in the late 1980s and early 1990s. These companies—PSINet (originally Performance Systems International), NetRail and Aleron (originally AGIS/Net99)—were the earliest providers of commercial Internet service.

Other strategic acquisitions include assets from: Allied Riser, OnSite Access, Fiber City, Fiber Network Solutions, Applied Theory, LambdaNet France and Spain, Carrier1, Unlimited Fiber Optics, Global Access, Aleron, NTT/Verio.

45 Facilities Owned
35 Markets Served
34.64 Megawatts
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