France Data Center Market

The France data center market is located in the region of Western Europe and within Europe. France has 112 facilities with 1,126,550 sqft and 282 megawatts.

The top providers in France are Cogent Communications (16 sites) and InterXion with 13 facilities. The most popular facilities are Telehouse Paris 2 Voltaire and Global Switch Paris East-West.

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Market Facts

France Data Center Map

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Largest Providers in France

Cogent Communications
Facilities: 16
Power: 2 MWs
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Facilities: 13
Power: 97 MWs
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Etix Everywhere
Facilities: 12
Power: 8 MWs
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Facilities: 9
Power: 52 MWs
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Regions in France

Industry Events
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Conference Datacloud Global Congress 2024 photo 06/04/24 - 06/06/24 Datacloud Global Congress 2024 Cannes-Monaco
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About This Metro

The French data center market is a rapidly growing and competitive industry, offering a range of options for potential buyers looking for reliable and cost-effective hosting solutions. There are some key facts to consider:

  • Size of the market: The French data center market is one of the largest in Europe, with over 4 million square feet of data center space spread across the country. It is estimated that the market will continue to grow at a rate of 10-15% annually.
  • Location advantages: France's central location in Europe makes it an attractive option for companies looking to serve customers across the continent. The country also benefits from a stable political and economic environment, as well as advanced telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Renewable energy: France is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has set a goal of producing 40% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. Many data center providers in the country have adopted green energy solutions.
  • Strong connectivity: France has excellent connectivity options, with numerous undersea cables connecting it to North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Paris is home to major peering exchanges, and Marseille is an up-and-coming interconnection hub. 
  • Competitive pricing: Despite being one of the largest data center markets in Europe, France's data center pricing remains competitive. This is due in part to many providers in the market.
  • Security and compliance: French data center providers are subject to strict data protection and privacy regulations, including the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This ensures that customer data is protected and secure at all times.

While the French data center market offers many advantages for potential buyers, there are also some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Language barriers: While many data center providers in France offer support in English, buyers who do not speak French may encounter language barriers when communicating with providers or navigating contracts and regulations.
  • Regulatory complexity: France's strict data protection and privacy regulations are an advantage for customer security, but they can also make it more challenging for buyers to navigate compliance requirements. This could impact the time and resources required to set up and operate a data center in France.

Overall, while the French data center market has many strengths, buyers should carefully consider these potential drawbacks to make an informed decision about their hosting needs.