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100 Delawanna Ave

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100 Delawanna Ave (Suite 200)
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0.02 miles 100 Delawanna - Digital Realty
2 Peekay Drive is a purpose-built colocation facility adjacent to 100 Delawanna Avenue. The three-story facility boasts 215,000 sq.ft. of high power density, energy efficient space.
0.69 miles BT Radianz: 492 River Road
0.77 miles Credit Suisse: Clifton
4.04 miles 365 Carlstadt, NJ
4.05 miles H5 Secaucus
4.06 miles QuadraNet New Jersey
4.23 miles Evocative Secaucus EWR1
The datacenter was built in 2012 and expanded in 2013 Electric Utility Provider: Public Service Electrical & Gas (PSE&G)
4.25 miles Centersquare: Secaucus NYC3
Centersquare's Secaucus data center is located just the other side of the Lincoln Tunnel and 14 miles from Newark Airport.
4.43 miles CoreSite Secaucus NY2
4.49 miles Equinix New York Secaucus NY2
4.55 miles Equinix New York Secaucus NY5
4.55 miles CoreSite NY3
CoreSite’s strategic New York campus expansion, right next door to NY2, includes a new facility, NY3. This purpose-built data center will be constructed to offer 85,000 square feet of turn-key data center space
4.59 miles Colocation America - NJDC2 New Jersey
4.66 miles Equinix Secaucus NY6
4.69 miles Equinix Secaucus NY2, NY4, NY5, NY6
Equinix operates four data centers in Secaucus NY2, NY4, NY5, and NY6. All the data centers form a virtual campus where fiber cross-connects can be ordered between the facilities.
4.72 miles Equinix New York Secaucus NY4
5.49 miles Equinix New York North Bergen NY7
5.49 miles Atlantic Metro NJ3
6.86 miles Level3 Newark
6.86 miles Crown Castle 165 Halsey
6.86 miles Equinix New York Newark NY1
Equinix NY1 is located on the 8th floor of the 165 Halsey Carrier Hotel.
6.86 miles Verizon: 165 Halsey
Former XO site
6.86 miles Cyxtera Newark EWR4
The utility provider is PSE&G
6.86 miles 165 Halsey
165 Halsey Street is one of the best-connected buildings in the NY/NJ region. The building, located 13 miles from Manhattan and in Newark's central business district, has been operating as a carrier-neutral colocation facility for more than 15 years.
6.86 miles DataBank Newark EWR1
6.88 miles CoreWeave: US East LGA1
7.08 miles Atlantic Metro EWR1
7.08 miles Cyxtera Weehawken NJ2
7.08 miles 300 Boulevard East - Digital Realty
7.08 miles Lumen Weehawken 1
7.09 miles 300 JFK Blvd - Digital Realty
7.09 miles Cyxtera Weehawken NJ2X
7.69 miles 2 Christie Heights
8.08 miles CyrusOne Totowa
8.29 miles Lumen New York 7: 601 West 26th
8.33 miles AT&T New York II
8.61 miles Telehouse Chelsea Center (85 10th Avenue)
8.61 miles Level3 New York Gateway 2 (85 10th)
8.64 miles DataVerge 111 Town Square Place
8.83 miles QTS Jersey City
19 Story concrete structure with reinforced steel Power Utility Provider: PSE&G
8.87 miles Lumen New York 1 (111 8th)
8.87 miles 111 8th Avenue
8.94 miles DataBank: 111 8th
8.94 miles 111 8th - Digital Realty
Former Telx suites in 111 8th
8.94 miles Equinix New York NY9
8.94 miles TeliaSonera New York
9.15 miles Cyxtera Jersey City EWR1
9.22 miles Verizon: 15th W 37th
9.33 miles NaviSite NY
9.44 miles H5: 325 Hudson Street
325 Hudson Street is a 10-story, 240,000-square-foot telecom building located in New York City’s Hudson Square area.
9.44 miles Level3: 325 Hudson
9.44 miles Reliance Globalcom 325 Hudson
9.44 miles Atlantic Metro LGA1
9.56 miles Level3: 150 Varick
9.60 miles Atlantic Metro LGA4
9.63 miles Citigroup: 390 Greenwich
9.88 miles 32 Ave of Americas - Digital Realty
9.88 miles Tata: 32 Ave of the Americas
9.88 miles CoreSite NY1
9.89 miles Hudson Interxchange
9.89 miles Equinix New York NY8
9.89 miles Verizon: 60 Hudson
9.89 miles 60 Hudson - Digital Realty
Former Telx suites in the iconic carrier hotel
9.89 miles DataBank 60 Hudson
9.89 miles Level3: 60 Hudson
9.90 miles 32 Avenue of the Americas
Built in 1932, 32 Avenue of the Americas was originally known as the AT&T Long Distance Building.
9.90 miles Atlantic Metro LGA6
9.91 miles NYI NY2 at 60H
9.91 miles 60 Hudson Street
Located in the hip Tribeca neighborhood, 60 Hudson is one of the telecom and Internet hubs in New York City.
9.91 miles Epsilon NY 60 Hudson
10.34 miles InfoRelay LGA2
10.36 miles 365 New York
10.45 miles NYI 100 William
10.51 miles Sabey Intergate.Manhattan
In 2011, Sabey Data Centers purchased an existing 32-story building in downtown Manhattan formerly known as the Verizon Building.
10.54 miles Epsilon NY 75 Broad
10.54 miles Verizon: 75 Broad
10.54 miles 75 Broad
10.54 miles Internap NYMEXT1
Datacenter was built in 1998 Number of Stories: 34 + 2 Sub-basement floors
10.56 miles Cogent: 33 Whitehall
10.68 miles Level3: 32 Old Slip
12.98 miles BNY: 19 Vreeland Rd
13.47 miles DataVerge Brooklyn
15.39 miles Cologix Parsippany NNJ3
The site was acquired when Cologix bought Net Access in October of 2015. It was previously known as Net Access's Parsippany II data center
15.63 miles Telehouse The Teleport
The 162,000 sq. ft. facility is located in the Teleport, a 100-acre office park on Staten Island, operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. It is just 17 miles from Manhattan and 12 miles from Newark Airport.
16.03 miles Bloomberg Orangetown
16.03 miles Sentinel Orangeburg NY1
Sentinel NY-1 is a 130,000 square foot / 10MW data center in Rockland County, NY.
16.21 miles DataBank Orangeburg
16.22 miles 1547 1 Ramland
Fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty (1547) has expanded its data center in Orangeburg, New York. The data center at 1 Ramland Road spans some 232,000 square feet (21,550 sq m) and 24MW.
16.22 miles Lunavi Orangeburg
16.30 miles Blue Hill: Pearl River
16.81 miles Cologix NNJ4
16.84 miles Cologix NNJ2
The site was acquired when Cologix bought Net Access in October of 2015. It was previously known as "Net Access Cedar Knolls".
16.98 miles JPMC Orangeburg
17.26 miles Unnamed Fintech
17.43 miles Cologix NNJ1
The site was acquired when Cologix bought Net Access in October of 2015. It was previously known as Net Access's Parsippany I data center.
18.02 miles Equinix Carteret NY11

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Established in 2000, Colocation America has grown to become one of the most reliable colocation hosting providers nationwide. With their main data centers in Los Angeles, CA, Colocation America was built from the ground up by professional engineers with a vision of delivering a fully integrated, trusted colocation hosting service.

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