Ark: US colocation firm Involta appoints new CEO

Jan 04, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

US colocation firm Involta has appointed a new CEO, Brett Lindsey to replace Jim Buie, who was at the company for six years. Lindsey previously served as CEO at US fiber provider Everstream, expanding its fiber network from Cleveland across ten states in the midwest as a telecoms executive. In that position, Lindsey worked closely with Involta.

Lindsey said, "I came in at the request of [Involta's owner] Carlyle Group. Involta has been an amazing partner to me over the last decade. Together, we've worked with very large enterprise customers to give them a complete solution around their network and colocation and cloud needs."

He added, "I think the big push for us is to continue to expand into new markets. My belief is we'll identify six to eight new markets where we'll put a flag down and announce that those are specific cities that we want to go after. Some of those will be completely Greenfield and others will be inorganic acquisitions.