AT&T San Diego

12520 High Bluff Drive

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12520 High Bluff Drive
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Sites within 15 miles of AT&T San Diego

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4.04 miles AIS West San Diego (SDTC)
5.91 miles Mapletree: 7337 Trade
8.32 miles XO: 5771 Copley
8.37 miles EdgeConneX San Diego
9.72 miles ScaleMatrix San Diego
The San Diego facility is its own facility, with 25,000 square feet of datacenter space built out today and the option to expand into another 75,000 square feet of space, spread across two buildings on the campus.
9.97 miles i2b Networks San Diego
10.09 miles Lumen San Diego 2
10.09 miles AIS Fiber Alley (FADC)
10.12 miles CariNet
10.18 miles redIT World Trade
10.19 miles DataBank San Diego SAN1
In 2023, Databank expanded the site from 15,000sqft and 1.2 MWs to a total of 60,000 sqft and 7.5 MWs.
10.34 miles AIS Lightwave (LWDC)
11.21 miles Lumen San Diego 1
11.66 miles DataBank San Diego Kearney Mesa
11.66 miles redIT Aero Drive
15.13 miles Lumen San Diego 3
The site was originally a Global Crossing facility

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13 Facilities Owned
10 Markets Served
29.5 Megawatts
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