Verizon Oslo

Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9

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Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9
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Sites within 15 miles of Verizon Oslo

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles IP-Only HMG9
0.00 miles Bulk: Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX)
1.06 miles TeliaSonera Oslo
1.28 miles STACK OSL01 Ulven
1.46 miles Level3 Oslo
1.75 miles Blix BDC Oslo
2.03 miles Fujitsu Oslo
2.39 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL3
2.40 miles Availo DC0
2.43 miles Blix Gullhaugveien
3.62 miles Blix CJH Oslo
3.78 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL5
4.10 miles SSC Forskningsparken Oslo (Oslo Science Park)
8.21 miles STACK OSL02
13.29 miles Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk
Approximately 20 km from the downtown core of the capital, the first 4 MW module was built in 2020.
13.32 miles STACK OSL03 Camus
13.32 miles STACK OSL03B
13.32 miles STACK OSL03C
13.32 miles STACK OSL03A

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79 Facilities Owned
49 Markets Served
70.75 Megawatts
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