Ulvenveien 89B

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The DigiPlex Norway Oslo Ulven data centre is in the Økern district of central Oslo and was originally designed and built in 1981 for the Norwegian government as a data centre and communication hub.

It has more than 4,700 m2 of white technical space and is constructed of a concrete frame over four levels. A high security colocation centre with additional protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Rent a Rack and Broadnet Colocation are resellers in the site.


The site was formerly known as DigiPlex Oslo Ulven

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Ulvenveien 89B
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Distance Site About
0.25 miles TeliaSonera Oslo
0.37 miles Level3 Oslo
0.92 miles Fujitsu Oslo
1.28 miles Bulk: Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX)
1.28 miles Verizon Oslo
1.28 miles IP-Only HMG9
2.13 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL3
2.23 miles Availo DC0
2.25 miles Blix Gullhaugveien
2.48 miles Blix CJH Oslo
2.70 miles Blix BDC Oslo
3.46 miles SSC Forskningsparken Oslo (Oslo Science Park)
4.55 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL5
7.14 miles STACK OSL02
12.83 miles Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk
Approximately 20 km from the downtown core of the capital, the first 4 MW module was built in 2020.
14.12 miles STACK OSL03 Camus
14.12 miles STACK OSL03B
14.12 miles STACK OSL03C
14.12 miles STACK OSL03A

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Digiplex Ulven

Operating Company

Infomart Data Centers is owned by ASB Allegiance Real Estate Fund, a $5.5B Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).


2019: Infomart combines data center assets with IPI Partners and rebrands as STACK INFRASTRUCTURE
2018: IPI Partners Acquires the three remaining Infomart data centers from ASB Real Estate (source: DCF)
2018: The Infomart company sold the Dallas Infomart Building to Equinix
2014: Acquired the building for Infomart Ashburn from AOL
2014: ASB Real Estate Fund (a subsidiary of DCI Technology Holdings) merged Infomart with Fortune Data Centers. The combined company was renamed to Infomart Data Centers.
2012: Expanded to Oregon with a building in Hillsboro
2007: John Sheputis purchased first Fortune Data Center in San Jose, CA, backed by ASB Real Estate
2006: ASB Real Estate purchased Infomart Dallas building
2006: Fortune Founded as Fortune Data Centers

69 Facilities Owned
24 Markets Served
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specification-summary-ulven-2018 December 2018

DigiPlex Ulven Data Sheet (PDF)