Bulk: Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX)

Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9

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Operated by:

The property was purchased by Bulk Eiendom and Akershus Energi as 50/50 partners in November 2014. The parties will co-operate to facilitate hydro power generated data centers to national and international clients. This property is the largest existing data center in Norway. Leading international data center operators lease approx. 6,000 SqM in the building. The property has 22 MW power capacity installed and the potential to expand for data center operators is large. The building has a total of 25,000 square meters.

Site access

Excellent location in Oslo community close to Oslo downtown. Easy access to International Highways, railroad and Oslo International airport.


Multiple options on connectivity within Norway and also directly to Denmark and onwards to the European Continent Operators: Bulk AS and International carrier partners, TDC, Broadnet, Telenor and more. Norway has state of the art optical fiber networks scalable up to n*100 Gbits provided by several telecom operators.

Planning and permitting

The building is designed for future datacenter facilitation with a total area of 24,781 SqM BTA. Seven telecom operators are today occupying more than 6,000 Square Meters of datacenter area in the building.


Hydropower (30 MW) is located next door. Two separate electricity feeds possible and National Power Grid Node at the powerplant.

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Hans Møller Gasmanns vei 9
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0.00 miles IP-Only HMG9
0.00 miles Verizon Oslo
1.06 miles TeliaSonera Oslo
1.28 miles STACK OSL01 Ulven
1.46 miles Level3 Oslo
1.75 miles Blix BDC Oslo
2.03 miles Fujitsu Oslo
2.39 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL3
2.40 miles Availo DC0
2.43 miles Blix Gullhaugveien
3.62 miles Blix CJH Oslo
3.78 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL5
4.10 miles SSC Forskningsparken Oslo (Oslo Science Park)
8.21 miles STACK OSL02
13.29 miles Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk
Approximately 20 km from the downtown core of the capital, the first 4 MW module was built in 2020.
13.32 miles STACK OSL03 Camus
13.32 miles STACK OSL03B
13.32 miles STACK OSL03C
13.32 miles STACK OSL03A

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The Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX) Building
Source: Bulk Infrastructure

Bulk Infrastructure's Oslo's Facility

Bulk has a Fleet of Telsas for some reason

Operating Company

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. Bulk is a developer and operator of industrial real estate, data centers, and dark fiber networks in Norway and Denmark.

Bulk Infrastructure was established in 2006 and the founder and employees still hold the majority share of the company. Our headquarter is in Oslo with operational teams and sites other places in the Nordics. We are organized into three business areas of Industrial Real Estate, Global Fiber Networks, and Data Centers. We own strategic land parcels in several Nordic countries, we have developed more than 400 thousand sqm of industrial buildings including data centers as well as 10 thousand km of subsea and terrestrial dark fiber networks. We have a customer portfolio ranging from specialized local players to global giants within their fields.

4 Facilities Owned
3 Markets Served
37.0 Megawatts
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