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Green Mountain is building a data center campus on a 75,000 m2 (800,000 ft2) area. The OSL1-Enebakk data center campus is located in Enebakk, just 20 km outside Oslo, the capital of Norway. The official construction of the first building started on September 2019 and was completed in October 2020. The second building was opened in August 2021. At full build-out, the OSL1-Enebakk campus (previously known as DC3-Oslo) could reach 93 MW across 75,000 m2 (807,300 sq ft).

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Distance Site About
0.03 miles Green Mountain: OSL1 DC2
The second building (DC2) of Green Mountain's OSL1-Enebakk campus was launched in 2021.
0.05 miles Green Mountain: OSL1 DC4
In April 2023, Green Mountain announced another expansion at its OSL1-Enebakk site (previously known as DC3-Oslo).
0.13 miles Green Mountain: OSL1 DC3
The third building (DC3) of Green Mountain's OSL1-Enebakk campus was launched in December 2022. The 10,000 sqm (107,700 sq ft) three-story colocation facility was first announced in late 2021.
0.16 miles Green Mountain: OSL1 DC5
Green Mountain is developing another three-story building at its Enebakk campus. The new facility will span 9,600 m² (103,335 sq ft).
8.35 miles STACK OSL02
8.74 miles Stack: OSL04A
STACK's OSL04A is the third building of the OSL04 campus.
8.74 miles Stack: OSL04E
STACK's OSL04E is the second building of the OSL04 campus.
8.75 miles Stack OSL04
STACK's OSL04 campus, located in Holtskogen east of Oslo, features three facilities, each capable of supporting significant IT loads.
11.69 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL5
11.72 miles Orange: Lorenskog OSL5
Orange Business OSL5 Data Center is located in Rasta in Oslo. The facility is the company's second data center in Norway and has been in operation since November 2017.
12.25 miles Fujitsu Oslo
12.51 miles Telenor: Hovinbyen, Oslo
12.73 miles Blix BDC Oslo
13.07 miles STACK OSL01 Ulven
13.25 miles TeliaSonera Oslo
13.35 miles Level3 Oslo
13.50 miles STACK OSL03C
13.53 miles STACK OSL03B
13.53 miles IP-Only HMG9
13.53 miles Verizon Oslo
13.53 miles Bulk: Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX)
Bulk Infrastructure has begun the expansion of its Oslo Internet Exchange facility (OS-IX) in Norway. The expansion will see three new data halls built, adding 5.5MW of IT capacity.
13.55 miles STACK OSL03D
STACK OSL03D is the newly built data center on its OSL03 Campus. The building spans an area of 1800 sqm of white space.
13.56 miles STACK OSL03 Campus
STACK's OSL03 campus, situated in Fetsund, south of Oslo, spans two hectares and runs on 100% renewable energy.
13.88 miles Blix CJH Oslo
15.14 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL3
15.27 miles Availo DC0
15.28 miles Blix Gullhaugveien
15.85 miles SSC Forskningsparken Oslo (Oslo Science Park)

Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk Data Center Photos

First Two Buildings of Green Mountain's Enebakk Campus
Posted in Green Mountain: OSL1 DC2
Source: Green Mountain

Green Mountain's Expansion of Existing Two Buildings
Posted in Green Mountain: OSL1 DC4
Source: Green Mountain

The third building (DC3) of Green Mountain's OSL1-Enebakk Campus
Posted in Green Mountain: OSL1 DC3
Source: Green Mountain

DC3 as it finishes construction in Oct 2020
Source: Green Mountain

Operating Company

Green Mountain AS design build and operate high security, robust wholesale colocation data centres.

The companyhas two data centres in Norway with plans to develop in other regions. The data centres operate on 100% low cost renewable power and use of free cooling creating unique power efficiency. Both data centres, DC1-Stavanger and DC2-Telemark have achieved Uptime Institute Tier III certification as the only Nordic colocation provider. In addition both data centres have the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications in place.

The data centre near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is built deep inside a mountain in a former high security NATO ammunition store.

The data centre in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is in the ‘cradle of hydro power’ in Norway with multiple local hydro power plants.

Smedvig is the majority owner of Green Mountain.

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197.5 Megawatts
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