Site: Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk

Company: Green Mountain AS
Metro: Oslo
Country: Norway
Region: Nordics
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Short Code: OSL1

Total Power: ??? NN
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OSL1-Enebakk is our newest data center site located in Enebakk, just 20 km outside Oslo, the capital of Norway. Green Mountain has acquired a 75 000 m2 (800 000 ft2) area with line-of-sight capacity of 75 MW. The official construction of the first 4 MW building started September 1st and was completed in October 2020. The second 4MW building was opened in August 2021.

Map and Nearby Locations:


SITES within 15 miles of Green Mountain OSL1-Enebakk

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
8.19 miles STACK OSL02 23,681 4
9.51 miles STACK OSL04 34,445 6
11.45 miles Basefarm Oslo OSL5 64,583 5
12.02 miles Fujitsu Oslo
12.48 miles Blix BDC Oslo 10,000 1
12.83 miles STACK OSL01 Ulven 50,590 7
13.01 miles TeliaSonera Oslo
13.12 miles Level3 Oslo
13.29 miles Bulk: Oslo Internet Exchange (OS-IX) 64,583 22
13.29 miles IP-Only HMG9
DC3 as it finishes construction in Oct 2020
Source: Green Mountain