xneelo JNB1 Samrand

21 Landmarks Ave

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Formerly operated by Hetzner.

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21 Landmarks Ave
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0.25 miles ADC Samrand JHB2
ADC´s JHB2 Samrand Data Centre is a former Standard Bank data centre
0.45 miles NTT Johannesburg 1
0.80 miles Microsoft: Centurion, South Africa
Microsoft plans to construct an expansive data centre campus in Kosmosdal area of the city, to the south of Pretoria. Microsoft will be the first US cloud provider to enter in South Africa.
5.89 miles ADC Midrand JHB1
6.69 miles Vantage Johannesburg
10.32 miles Teraco JB4
13.31 miles Teraco Bredell Campus (JB2)
14.93 miles Teraco JB3
14.94 miles Teraco Johannesburg JB1
14.94 miles Telehouse Johannesburg
15.23 miles Teraco JB5
16.51 miles Internet Solutions Johannesburg 158 Jan Smuts

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xneelo is a leading player in the South African web hosting environment. Established in 1999, the company has grown in stature and expertise, currently servicing over 500 000 websites.

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