Teraco Data Environments: Teraco Purchases Cape Town's Great Westerford Property

Feb 09, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Great Westerford building in Cape Town, South Africa, has been purchased by Teraco. This week, the company controlled by Digital Realty declared that it had acquired the structure from Ingenuity Property Investments, which contains its 5MW CT1 data center. The office area in the Rondebosch building has 322,900 square feet. The agreement's terms were not disclosed. The CEO of Teraco, Jan Hnizdo, expressed his company's immense honor at being chosen as the building's new steward. Teraco said that it now fully owns all of its facilities and the surrounding property in its portfolio, including the building that contains the 28,000 sq ft CT1. Since about 2009, the company has operated in Greater Westerford. 

The sale of this valuable land, according to Ingenuity CEO Arnold Maresky, was made to raise money for their large development backlog. Their long-standing, strong connection with Teraco gave them the chance to find the right buyer for this special asset. He continued by saying that they are convinced Teraco will bring this structure into the digital age and provide it a home for all of its excellent tenants. A fire broke out in Great Westerford in 2015. On March 5, a fire started early in the day but was only able to spread to the third level and the roof. Backup power allowed Teraco's data center to continue operating. Around that time, Hetzner, who worked in the building, claimed that an electrical fire was to blame.