Marunouchi: Otemachi II

2-Otemachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan

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2-Otemachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Japan
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Distance Site About
0.04 miles NTT DATA Otemachi
0.14 miles NTT TK1
0.14 miles Colt Ōtemachi
Colt Tokyo Otemachi Data Centre is located in Tokyo’s central business district
0.18 miles Equinix Tokyo TY4
0.19 miles NTT Tokyo Otemachi Building
0.19 miles KDDI Tokyo Otemachi
0.25 miles Marunouchi: Otemachi I
0.62 miles Digital Edge: TYO7
The new facility will be located less than 300m from the company’s existing TYO2 facility (formerly known as ComSpace I) and is expected to be Ready-for-Service in early 2025.
0.65 miles Marunouchi
0.70 miles Digital Edge: Comspace I
1.05 miles NTT TK12
1.19 miles NTT TK3
1.32 miles NTT Tokyo 5
The facility is a 1-hour drive from Narita International Airport, and a 2-minute walk from the nearest train station
1.52 miles NTT TK4
1.86 miles CTC Otemachi (OiDC)
1.99 miles Equinix Tokyo TY10
2.04 miles Equinix Tokyo TY9
2.87 miles Equinix Tokyo TY3
2.95 miles Colt Shiohama
2.95 miles @Tokyo Chuo Center (CC1 & CC2)
2.97 miles INAP Koto-ku
2.97 miles Equinix Tokyo TY5
2.99 miles Colt KVH Tokyo
3.49 miles Equinix Tokyo TY11
3.54 miles Digital Edge: Comspace II
3.57 miles NTT TK9
3.69 miles NTT TK2
3.70 miles NTT TK6
3.92 miles CTC Shibuya (SDC)
4.47 miles Equinix Tokyo TY6
4.54 miles Equinix Tokyo TY7
4.59 miles Equinix Tokyo TY8
4.75 miles AT&T Tokyo NRT4
4.79 miles Telecom Center Building
4.85 miles AWS NRT4
4.85 miles Equinix Tokyo TY2
5.85 miles INAP Edogawa-ku
6.59 miles AT TOKYO Central Tokyo
6.59 miles NTT Tokyo No 11
7.64 miles Equinix Tokyo TY1
7.64 miles INAP Heiwajima Ota-ku
7.64 miles ServerCentral Tokyo TY1
8.13 miles ADA Tokyo West 1
10.95 miles NTT DATA Mitaka East (TK10)
11.10 miles NTT Mitaka West
11.35 miles MCC Mitaka: South Block
11.37 miles MCC Mitaka: North Block
11.49 miles CTC Mejirozaka (MDC)
13.21 miles Canon Nishi-Tokyo
13.21 miles Amazon NRT55
13.51 miles NTT TK8
13.52 miles NTT Yokohama 1
18.24 miles CTC Yokohama (YCC)
19.44 miles Princeton PDG TY1
TY1 is the first project in the Lendlease Data Centre Partners fund and also PDG’s first data centre in Japan. Lendlease, plans to invest US$490 million and PDG will contribute US$1 to fully fit out the data center.
19.59 miles Lendlease Tokyo
Construction will commence in late 2021 with the initial phase to be completed by early 2024.

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