Tokyo: Gaw Capital Partners Acquires Building For Data Center in Tokyo, Japan

Apr 08, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Gaw Capital Partners has announced the acquisition of a building in Tokyo, Japan. The real estate private equity firm also plans to transform the building into a data center. The Fuchu Building it acquired is next to Meito Sangyo Building in Fuchu Intelligent Park. Gaw will demolish the 59,000 square feet (5,479 square meters) site and increase it to 118,000 square feet (10,969). Upon final design, the IT capacity of the facility will reach 39MW. It will also have a total power capacity of 50MW.

The head of Gaw Capital Partners, Asia, Kok Chye, said the company is happy to have its Internet data center footprint continue growing in Japan. He said the company sees immense potential in developing its internet data center, and it will continue to invest in it.