Site: KDDI Tokyo Otemachi

Company: KDDI
Metro: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Region: East Asia
Region: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
Region: World
1 Chome-8-1 Otemachi

Map and Nearby Locations:

1 Chome-8-1 Otemachi

SITES within 15 miles of KDDI Tokyo Otemachi

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Distance Site name SqFt
0.00 miles NTT Tokyo Otemachi Building
0.07 miles Colt Ōtemachi
0.07 miles Marunouchi: Otemachi I 12,500
0.08 miles Equinix Tokyo TY4 27,685
0.18 miles NTT TK1
0.19 miles Marunouchi: Otemachi II 3,250
0.22 miles NTT DATA Otemachi
0.76 miles Marunouchi 3,750
0.77 miles Digital Edge: TYO7
0.84 miles Digital Edge: Comspace I