AirTrunk Tokyo TOK2: Airtrunk data center development at Tokyo data center

Feb 22, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

AirTrunk has announced that it has broken ground on the second phase of its TOK2 data center located in Tokyo, Japan. This follows the groundbreaking of the first phase only three months ago. The company has outlined that the new phase is scalable to approximately 50MW of capacity and custom-built to meet the needs of cloud providers. This, AirtTrunk says, will bring the data center closer to its goal of a capacity of over 110MW. 

TOK2 spans 4.6 hectares of land with a PUE of 1.15, in conjunction with its green loan from Japan’s Green Financing Framework. Moreover, when complete, the company will host over 410MW of capacity between its West Tokyo, TOK2, and East Tokyo, TOK1, facilities. 

The company held a traditional Jichinsai groundbreaking ceremony to purify the ground and ensure safe construction, which was attended by AirTrunk’s head of Japan, Norihiro Matsushita, as well as senior executives from Daiwa House, Nihon Sekkei, and Obayashi. The above are all partnering on the construction.