: Renewable energy commitments made by Bulk

Feb 06, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Bulk Data Centers has announced that it will provide its customers with 100 percent renewable energy 24/7. This, it has outlined, will be achieved by matching hourly consumption with local hydropower. Customers at Bulk's OS-IX facility in Oslo, Norway, will be able to choose to have renewable energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via an agreement with Akershus Energi, owner of the nearby Bingsfoss hydropower plant. Through this, Bulk can reportedly guarantee sustainability, and address the limitations of renewable energy certificates and power purchase agreements (PPAs). 

Speaking about this, Stine Bjønnstu Holthe, Head of Sustainability at Bulk Infrastructure Group, said that while the Norwegian electricity mix is "already close to 100 percent renewable", renewable power matching brings sustainable operations to "an even higher level."

"Renewable power matching is aimed at customers with the highest standards and the most transparent reporting policies with respect to sustainability. It represents a new level of transparency where the customers can be certain of the electricity's origin", added Tor Ribland, vice president operations at Bulk Data Centers.

Meanwhile, Helene Moen, sustainability manager, Akershus Energi, highlighted that guarantees of origin are a "key market in carbon accounting," the main method for companies to measure greenhouse gas emissions and -reductions. Further to this, she said: "With increasing demands on sustainability reporting from both regulators and lenders, and the need for real-time data to achieve sustainable business management we are very excited to be able to deliver guarantees of origin to Bulk."

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