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Ciron acquired the assests of Level3/Lumen to form Cirion, a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber networks, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communication and collaboration solutions.

  • Operating 18 data centers in 15 markets.
  • Their largest faciilty is Cirion Bogotá Supa.
  • The company has 1 site under construction.

18 Facilities Owned

15 Markets Served

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Cirion Technologies Data Center Map

Cirion Technologies Data Center Photos

Aerial view of CenturyLink's Rio data center
Posted in Cirion Rio de Janeiro
Source: Google Maps

Front Entrance with the old Level(3) Logo
Posted in Cirion Rio de Janeiro

Exterior (when it was branded as CenturyLink)
Posted in Cirion Santiago SAN1


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