Cirion Santiago SAN1

Av. Sta. Marta de Huechuraba 6951

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Was a former Level3 facility before being rebranded to Cirion in 2022

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Av. Sta. Marta de Huechuraba 6951
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1.27 miles Google Quilicura (Santiago) Chile
1.31 miles SONDA Quilicura
2.19 miles Ascenty Santiago 2
2.19 miles Ascenty Santiago 1
3.06 miles Cirion SAN2
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6.12 miles InterNexa Santiago Barrio El Golf
6.14 miles ODATA Chile ST01
6.67 miles Internexa Santiago de Chile
8.79 miles Claro: Liray
12.06 miles ODATA STO2
13.60 miles IBM San Bernardo Chile

Cirion Santiago SAN1 Data Center Photos

Exterior (when it was branded as CenturyLink)

Gated Entrance

Operating Company

Ciron acquired the assests of Level3/Lumen to form Cirion, a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber networks, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communication and collaboration solutions.

18 Facilities Owned
15 Markets Served
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