XO: 1525 Rockwell

1525 Rockwell Avenue

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1525 Rockwell Avenue
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0.00 miles SecureData 365 Cleveland
The site was opened in 2015 and is within H5's data center building.
0.02 miles DataBank Cleveland
0.06 miles H5 Cleveland Technology Center (CTC)
In January 2017, H5 acquired the building from ByteGrid
0.35 miles DataBank Cleveland CLE1
The "Sterling Building" in Cleveland's Theater District is a tech-focused office building, the structure dates from 1909 and once was the home of the old Sterling Lindner department store.
0.36 miles Fusion Connect Cleveland
0.36 miles Cogent: 1621 Euclid
0.36 miles Lumen Cleveland 4
Located within the Keith Building
1.36 miles Lumen Cleveland (4000 Chester)
7.54 miles T5@Cleveland
7.75 miles Lumen Cleveland 5
7.79 miles Expedient Garfield Heights 2
7.85 miles Expedient Garfield Heights 1
10.37 miles Involta Independence

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39.41 Megawatts
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