TCN Hilversum

Sumatralaan 45

Operated by: TCN

Site was launched in September 2011

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Sumatralaan 45
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Distance Site About
0.00 miles Interxion Hilversum
7.56 miles UNET Almere
8.01 miles Eurofiber Utrecht
9.68 miles Keppel Almere Netherlands
Almere Data Centre is a three-storey facility built in 2008. NorthC is located in the building.
9.68 miles NorthC Almere
10.18 miles KPN Amsterdam
10.32 miles Level3 Amsterdam (Stekkenbergweg)
10.38 miles Equinix Amsterdam AM5
The site was previously known as "Telecity AMS 5"
10.63 miles QTS Amsterdam
QTS's Amsterdam facility is located on Equinix's AM1/AM2 campus.
10.63 miles Equinix AM1
10.63 miles INAP AMS Luttenbergweg 4
10.63 miles QuadraNet Amsterdam
10.67 miles Equinix AM2
10.89 miles Equinix AM11
AM11 was acquired from Switch Datacenters in April 2019.
10.92 miles Equinix Amsterdam AM7
11.20 miles AMS1
12.09 miles Equinix Amsterdam AM3 AM4 Science Park 610
In 2017, Equinix opened AM4, an eight story datacenter constructed next to AM3 in Science Park. When fully built out AM4 will have 124,000 sq ft (11,500 sq m) of usable floor space.
12.09 miles Contegix Amsterdam
12.17 miles Colt Amsterdam Van der Madeweg
Colt Amsterdam South East Data Centre is a carrier neutral data centre that offers 742 sqm of colocation capacity.
12.19 miles Equinix Amsterdam AM6
12.21 miles Level3 Amsterdam (Joop Geesinkweg)
12.26 miles IPTP Networks Matrix 4 - Science Park 404
12.28 miles DRT Amstel Business Park
12.44 miles Interxion Amsterdam Science Park 121
In February 2017, the site was acquired from Vancis Holding BV. Source: Interxion Press Release
12.45 miles Amsterdam Data Tower - Science Park 120 - Digital Realty
The 11 story, 72m-tall building has 5,000 sq m (54,000 sq ft) of data space on 13 floors, and 9MW of power. The building uses outside air and groundwater for cooling, and also stores warm water underground.
12.48 miles NIKHEF Science Park 105
12.60 miles DRT Amsterdam (Paul van Vlissingenstraat)
12.60 miles euNetworks Amsterdam
15.38 miles TDCG Utrecht
15.40 miles BT Netherlands Nieuwegein
16.00 miles Switch Datacenters AMS2 (Woerden)
16.30 miles zColo Amsterdam Konigshof
16.30 miles Global Switch Amsterdam
Global Switch Amsterdam is located in the Slotevaart/Overtoomseveld district, adjacent to the main Dutch cable infrastructure. The site is 2km from the financial district and city center.
16.30 miles Level3 Amsterdam (Johan Huizingalaan)
16.74 miles Verizon NAP of Amsterdam
16.82 miles Capgemini Amsterdam
16.87 miles NLDC Oude Meer
The site was formerly operated by KPN
16.96 miles NLDC Aalsmeer
17.20 miles maincubes AMS01
Total IT area 4,400 sqm over rooms of various sizes (170sqm to 1,100 sqm)
17.20 miles GTT Amsterdam (Schiphol Rijk)
17.30 miles Internap AMS Cessnalaan 1-33
17.30 miles Interxion AMS3
17.39 miles Datacenter Group Amsterdam
17.48 miles Databarn Amsterdam
17.50 miles EdgeConnex Amsterdam
• 5,780 m2 facility
• 2,920 m2 of raised floor for tenant racks
• Maintains ROFR on adjacent spaces
17.51 miles Interxion AMS7
17.51 miles SingleHop Amsterdam
17.55 miles Interxion AMS6
17.87 miles GTT Amsterdam
17.90 miles Equinix Amsterdam AM8
17.91 miles Interxion Amsterdam 1, 2 and 4
17.93 miles PCextreme Gyro Center
17.97 miles INAP AMS Tupolevlaan 101
17.97 miles Keppel Amsterdam
17.97 miles Interxion Amsterdam 5
Redundant 20 MVA 100% green supply, enabling high-density power confi gurations up to 25 kW/rack
18.01 miles Facebook Zeewolde
Meta had to cancel plans for its new Zeewolde data centre, after extensive pushback from the region’s local authorities.
18.03 miles Schuberg Philis
18.36 miles Interxion AMS8
18.94 miles NTT Amsterdam 1
18.97 miles SilverFalcon Westpoort

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