Tata Hillsboro

21101 NW Evergreen Parkway

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21101 NW Evergreen Parkway
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Sites within 15 miles of Tata Hillsboro

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Distance Site About
0.13 miles 3825 NW Aloclek Hillsboro - Digital Realty
0.16 miles Opus Interactive Hillsboro
0.19 miles Flexential Hillsboro 1
The Hillsboro sites are a former ViaWest. Flexential was created after Peak10 acquired ViaWest for $1.67 billion in August 2017.
0.20 miles STACK Portland POR02
0.58 miles EdgeConnex POR2
1.06 miles EdgeConneX Portland
1.14 miles EdgeConneX POR03
1.36 miles Flexential Hillsboro 2
The site houses the U.S. cable landing station for the Hawaiki submarine cable, which delivers “low-latency” connection between the continental U.S., Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa.
1.83 miles Adobe Hillsboro
1.84 miles QTS Hillsboro 1
1.87 miles Intel Hillsboro, HF2-DC201
1.90 miles QTS Hillsboro 2
2.02 miles QTS Hillsboro 3
2.07 miles QTS Hillsboro 4
2.10 miles NTT Hilsboro HI1
The 144MW site will consist of five buildings with a total space of 1 million sq ft (93,000 sq m).
2.10 miles NTT HI2
2.16 miles QTS Hillsboro 5
2.19 miles STACK Portland POR03
STACK Infrastructure is constructing a new data center facility named POR03A at 4735 NE Starr Blvd, Hillsboro, OR. The data center will boast a substantial footprint of 180000 square feet.
2.22 miles Stack: PORT03 Future Expansion
STACK Infrastructure is planning to extend their data center campus PORT03 at 4735 NE Starr Blvd, in Hillsboro
2.25 miles CoreWeave: Hillsboro, OR
CoreWeave will expand its data center footprint into two new co-location facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon and Douglasville, GA, both of which are owned and operated by Flexential.
2.27 miles Stack: POR03B
STACK Infrastructure is constructing a new data center facility at 4735 NE Starr Blvd, Building B, in Hillsboro with a substantial footprint of 180000 square feet.
2.29 miles T5 Portland
2.30 miles Flexential Hillsboro 4
2.30 miles Flexential Portland - Hillsboro 3
2.34 miles Stack: POR03C
STACK Infrastructure is constructing a new data center facility at 4735 NE Starr Blvd, Building C, in Hillsboro with a substantial footprint of 180000 square feet.
2.64 miles Aligned Hillsboro PDX-01
3.14 miles OVH Hillsboro, Oregon: HIL-1
5.01 miles Lumen Portland 3
The site is a former tw telecom operated facility.
7.52 miles Lunavi Portland
7.52 miles Atmosera DC1 DC2
8.21 miles XO: Beaverton
9.50 miles Rowan: Meriwether, Portland, OR
Rowan Data Centers has announced plans for a campus in Forest Grove, Portland, OR. Preliminary plans for the Project Meriwether development call for 150 MW of capacity.
9.77 miles SpireTech
10.15 miles Lumen Portland I
10.22 miles H5 Portland
vXchnge acquired the site from SunGard in 2015. In 2017 the NWAX peering Exchange deployed to vXchnge Portland.
10.31 miles Tata Portland (Brewery Block)
The Portland Brewery Blocks data center was purposely built by it’s previous owner, Tycom to serve as an endpoint for it’s high-capacity, undersea fiber cable linking the US with Asia.
10.31 miles Opus Interactive Portland
10.42 miles Atmosera DC3
10.47 miles Pittock Internet Exchange
The Pittock building is Portland's carrier hotel, which has the second greatest density of networks and carriers in the Pacific Northwest (2nd to the Westin Building in Seattle.)
10.55 miles Lumen Portland 2
Located in the Union Bank Building
10.61 miles LightPoint Portland

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