Borgarfjordsgatan 15

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Borgarfjordsgatan 15
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0.98 miles atNorth Stockholm SWE01
1.42 miles Interxion STO6
1.47 miles Interxion Stockholm
2.37 miles Verizon Stockholm
2.61 miles Equinix Stockholm SK3
2.96 miles Conapto STHLM 3 North
2.99 miles Equinix Stockholm SK1
6.78 miles STOKAB KN7, Östermalm
7.20 miles STOKAB KN5, Södermalm
7.31 miles GTT Stockholm
7.36 miles STACK Stockholm STO01
The facility is powered by renewable hydro and wind sources, and is equipped with an Air-to-Air evaporative cooling system.
7.43 miles Conapto Sthlm 1 City
8.29 miles Conapto STHLM 4 South
8.36 miles Portlane Västberga
8.45 miles Conapto Sthlm 2 South
8.55 miles IP-Only Sätra
A modern data center is situated in Sätra right outside Stockholm
8.92 miles IP-Only Hammarby
9.02 miles STOKAB KN6, Hammarby
11.34 miles Equinix Stockholm SK2

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