Equinix Stockholm SK2

Kvastvägen 25

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The site was a Telecity managed datacenter before Equinix acquired Telecity in July 2016. It was known as "TeleCity STO2" when operated by Telecity.


  • Stockholm II provides robust and reliable power with flexible power densities and configuration between 2 and 20kW per rack.
  • 8 MW of UPS conditioned power at N+1.
  • Dual redundant 10 kV HV power system from separate grids and dual redundant feed.
  • Backup diesel generation at N+1 to support site load during HV failure.
  • Maximum diversity and separation of UPS system and power distribution through dedicated A & B supplies.


A robust HVAC system delivers stable air flow, temperature and humidity for efficient equipment operation. All major equipment in the HVAC system has a minimum of N+1 redundancy and its own dedicated back-up generators/ UPS. Our design and investment in cooling systems will ensure the data centre achieves a PUE of 1.31.

  • Minimum N+1 redundancy on chilled water-cooling system.
  • Two independent secondary chilled water cooling systems enhance resilience.
  • Close Control Units (CCUs) provide conditioned air to the data floor, at a minimum N+1 redundancy.
  • Air-cooled chillers maximise the use of free cooling.
  • Centrifugal chillers with variable speed compressor drives enable excellent full and part-load operation.

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Kvastvägen 25
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A modern data center is situated in Sätra right outside Stockholm
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The facility is powered by renewable hydro and wind sources, and is equipped with an Air-to-Air evaporative cooling system.

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