Site: Kao London One Campus

Company: KAO Data
Metro: London
Country: England
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Region: World
Site Stats:
Current Under Construction Potential Expansion Total at Full Buildout
Building SqFt:
Gross SqFt: 160,000 160,000
Usable SqFt:
Office SqFt:
Power (MW): 8.80 26.00 34.80

The KAO datacentre campus is located in the London-Stansted-Cambridge technology corridor. The £200m development will comprise four 8.8MW 3-floor buildings, each split into four 2.2MW halls, to provide a total of around 160,000 sq ft white space. The facilities are served by a dedicated and redundant 43.5MVA (34.8 MW) power supply.

Map and Nearby Locations:

London Rd, Harlow CM17 9NA, UK