Site: Kao London One Campus

Company: KAO Data
Metro: London
Country: England
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Europe
Address: London Rd, Harlow CM17 9NA, UK
Gross SqFt: 160,000
Total Power: 8.8 Megawatts

The KAO datacentre campus is located in the London-Stansted-Cambridge technology corridor. The £200m development will comprise four 8.8MW 3-floor buildings, each split into four 2.2MW halls, to provide a total of around 160,000 sq ft white space. The facilities are served by a dedicated and redundant 43.5MVA power supply.


London Rd, Harlow CM17 9NA, UK

SITES within 15 miles of Kao London One Campus

Distance Site name SqFt MW
11.39 miles VIRTUS London1 Enfield 68,458 4.20
12.77 miles Infinity Romford North and South 107,639 30.40
13.64 miles INAP North London 1.00
13.64 miles Colt London 3 Welwyn Garden City 134,549 25.60