Green Datacenter Dielsdorf Campus

8157 Dielsdorf

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8157 Dielsdorf
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4.25 miles NTT Zurich 1
The site was opened in June 2011, is located in Rümlang near Zurich.
4.90 miles Equinix Zurich ZH5
5.12 miles Green Datacenter Zurich City (Schlieren)
5.43 miles Interxion ZUR2
5.52 miles Interxion ZUR3
5.55 miles Interxion Zurich
5.60 miles Green Datacenter Glattbrugg
6.13 miles Level3 Zürich
6.77 miles Equinix Zürich ZH1
6.79 miles Equinix Zurich ZH2 ZH4
6.79 miles EXA Zurich
7.92 miles Google Zurich
The Google Cloud Region in Zurich was announced in May 2018 and opened in March 2019.
9.45 miles STACK ZUR01
11.71 miles Green Datacenter Lupig Zurich West 1 + 2
12.51 miles Vantage Zurich ZRH1
16.08 miles STACK ZURL1 Beringen

Green Datacenter Dielsdorf Campus Data Center Photos

Rendering of the Green Datacenter campus announced in January 2021

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4 Facilities Owned
0 Markets Served
12.0 Megawatts
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