TierPoint Milwaukee-Burnham

3701 W. Burnham St

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Quick Facts:

  • Site was acquired when TierPoint bought Cosentury in January 2016.
  • Site was previously managed by RedAnvil Burnham (BDC) before being acquired by Cosentury [r1] in 2014.
  • Guest office, break room and conference room facilities available
  • Power Density: 6kW per cabinet


  • Diesel generator with over 24 hours of runtime
  • N+1 high-efficiency UPS with redundant battery strings
  • Redundant (A+B) power distribution to each cabinet available
  • Power metering and utilization reporting by circuit, cabinet and room


  • N+1 continuous cooling systems
  • Hot/cold aisle alignment and containment options available
  • Ducted cold air supply and hot air return
  • Set points maintain ASHRAE standards for data centers
  • Cooling systems and environmental monitoring for temperature, humidity, dew point, airflow, smoke and leaks


r1. Data Center Knowledge link

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3701 W. Burnham St
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TierPoint Milwaukee-Burnham Data Center Photos

Cosentry acquired the facility from Red Anvil in 2013
Photo Taken pre-2016 when the Facility was Operated by Cosentry

Cosentry acquired the facility from Red Anvil in 2013

Source: Cosentry

Operating Company

TierPoint is a data center and managed services provider that focuses on secondary markets in the United States. Operating as a private-equity backed company, As detailed in the history section below, Tierpoint has actively acquired smaller providers and impressively rolled up a national platform in 20 markets.

Tierpoint Acquisitions and History

TierPoint was formed in 2010 as Cequel Data Centers LLC, however, the company's origins date back to 1995. Through a conglomeration of acquisitions, TierPoint built its data center portfolio. [r1]


  • Cequel acquired Colo4 (Based in Dallas and originally founded in 2000)


  • Cequel acquired Perimeter Technology (Based in Oklahoma and founded in 2003)


  • Cequel acquired TierPoint (Based in Spokane and founded in 2003). After the acquisition, Cequel was rebranded as Tierpoint
  • 2012 Adhost acquired (Based in Seattle and founded in 1995)
  • 2012 DBSi acquired [r2]


  • Baltimore Technology Park acquired (Based in Baltimore and founded in 2005)


  • TierPoint Management team recapitalized the company
  • Philadelphia Technology Park. Located in the Philadelphia Navy Yard the 25,700 sqft Philadelphia Technology Park first opened in 2010
  • Xand (founded in 1999)


  • Acquired CxP Data Centers that added a 121,000sqft Jacksonville facility [r3]
  • TierPoint Acquires AlteredScale Data Center in Chicago
  • Acquired Windstream for $575 million. The transaction added 20 datacenters, mainly in the East, Midwest, and South, which fit nicely with TierPoint's western-leaning portfolio. Windstream was itself a data center roll-up of sorts. In 2010 Windstream acquired PAETEC and Hosted Solutions in 2010.


  • Cosentury was acquired by Tierpoint in January 2016 for $575 million. Cosentury, was founded in 2001 and was headquartered in Omaha, NE. It provided Colocation, IaaS, and Compliance and Security services. Cosentury was a large company to swallow. It had nine data centers in the Midwest US and 220 emploiyees.

Tierpoint Services

Data center colocation is the prime product, but Tierpoint also offers Cloud, Managed Services, and DIA with DDoS protection.

TierPoint's customer portal allows for self-provisioning of resources (such as VMs and storage) and a dashboard that allows customers to remotely monitor workloads and applications across all locations. The company offers a comprehensive solution portfolio of private, multitenant, hyperscale, and hybrid cloud, plus colocation, disaster recovery, security and other managed IT services.


r1. TierPoint Company Page
r2. Source: Data Center Knowledge
r3. Press Release Archive. July 27, 2015

41 Facilities Owned
22 Markets Served
83.22 Megawatts
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