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0.00 miles SC Zeus: Osaka
0.35 miles NTT OS2 (Telepark Dojima Building 2)
0.61 miles NTT OS1
0.62 miles NTT OS3 (Telepark Dojima Building 3)
0.64 miles NTT Data Osaka Dojima (Building #4)
1.00 miles NTT Osaka 5
1.30 miles Amazon NRT51
1.31 miles INAP Osaka
1.35 miles Equinix Osaka OS1
Opened in 2013, the first phase, with room for 320 cabinets is a US$12m investment. Once fully opened the site will carry 800 cabinets.
1.60 miles NTT Osaka OS4
1.73 miles Digital Edge: Osaka OSA1
1.84 miles Equinix Osaka OS3
9.27 miles Vantage Osaka (KIX1)
11.08 miles NTT Osaka 7
11.64 miles MC Digital Osaka 2 (KIX11)
11.66 miles MC Digital Osaka 3 (KIX12)
11.68 miles MC Digital Osaka 1 (KIX10)
11.77 miles MC Digital Osaka 4 (KIX14)
15.25 miles NTT Keihanna
15.35 miles Colt Osaka Keihanna
15.38 miles STACK Osaka KIX01

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AirTrunk is an Australian hyperscale data centre specialist creating a platform for cloud, content and large enterprise customers across the Asia-Pacific region. The company develops and operates data centre campuses with industry-leading reliability, technology innovation and energy efficiency.

10 Facilities Owned
7 Markets Served
448.0 Megawatts
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