Site: Server Farm Realty Titan (Moses Lake)

Company: ServerFarm Realty
Metro: Quincy
State: Washington
Region: Pacific Northwest
Country: United States
Region: North America
Region: Americas
Region: World
Moses Lake

Utility Provider: Grant County
Power Cost: 2.6 cents per kWh
Gross SqFt: 136,000
Total Power: ??? NN
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PUE: 1.25

Quick Facts:

  • 136,000 Gross SF; reinforced concrete, comprised of 3 levels on 10 acres
  • Former Air Force Command and Control facility built to TEMPEST military specifications by the U.S. Department of Defense
  • Built to withstand a 10 megaton nuclear strike within one-quarter mile distance.


  • Geologically Stable: Seismic Rating of 2B, the Lowest Rating in the West
  • Outside the 500 Year Flood Zone
  • High Desert Climate Ideal for "Free Cooling"

Power & Cooling:

  • Low Cost Power Rate
  • Grant County PUD Rate of $0.026 per KW; among the lowest in the nation. Grant County PUD owns two large hydroelectric generating plants on the Columbia River.
  • Potential to build 250,000 SF with 40 MW critical load on adjacent 11 acres
  • New 120 megawatt capacity substation located adjacent to Titan.
  • Uitility Power Mix to the Facility is 85% Renewable (Hydro)
  • Direct/Indirect Evaporative Cooling with Airside Econimizers, and Supplemental DX
  • High Efficiency UPS Systems (Unity Power Factor)


  • Reinforced Concrete, Comprised of 3 Levels
  • Built to Tier 3, N+1, Concurrently Maintainable Standards
  • Phase I - Commissioned July 2011 - 10,755 RFSF - 2MW Critical Load
  • Phase II - Complete October 2011 - 11,215 RFSF - 2MW Critical Load
  • Phase III - 35,000 RFSF - 7.5MW Critical Load
  • Ability to Build an Additional 250,000 SF with 40 MW Critical Load on Adjacent 11 Acres
  • Separate Fire Tolerant Room With Fire Suppression and EPO For Each Electrical Lineup
  • VESDA Smoke Detection Fire Suppression


  • On site security; all entrances man-trapped with zoned security.
  • 365x24x7 card access, bio-metric, key control and DVR CCTV surveillance.
  • Tenants are restricted and can only access their authorized areas.
  • Perimeter security fencing and electronically access controlled.

Map and Nearby Locations:

Moses Lake ((exact address not revealed) )

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0.00 miles Cyxtera Moses Lake MWH1
Exterior of SFR's Facility in Moses Lake, WA
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