Nianet Vallensbæk

2 Egeskovvej

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2 Egeskovvej
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2.50 miles Level3 Copenhagen
2.77 miles GlobalConnect Albertslund (CPH3)
3.79 miles Global Connect Copenhagen Taastrup
3.87 miles nianet Taastrup
3.98 miles Penta Infra: Glostrup
4.44 miles STACK Copenhagen COP02
5.03 miles nianet Copenhagen Ejby
5.34 miles Telia Copenhagen Ejby
5.91 miles Interxion CPHRS
6.63 miles Colt Copenhagen
7.05 miles Interxion Copenhagen CPH1
7.07 miles Interxion CPH2
7.99 miles Telia Copenhagen Ørestad
8.23 miles Teracom Smørum
10.08 miles STACK COP01
12.35 miles UNI-C Denmark

Nianet Vallensbæk Data Center Photos

Google, Facebook, and two Apple Data Centers are being constructed in Denmark.
Webscale Data Center Deployments in Denmark
Posted in Denmark

Google, Facebook, and two Apple Data Centers are being constructed in Denmark.


Operating Company

GlobalConnect/IP-Only is a leading technology and data communication provider in Northern Europe. The Group delivers end-to-end solutions from ground to cloud based on its own infrastructure consisting of 58,000 kilometers fiber network and 27,000 sqm data center space in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Northern Germany. GlobalConnect/IP-Only has 27,000 B2B customers and connects 283,000 homes in Sweden and Norway with high-capacity fiber network.

GlobalConnect/IP-Only has 1,600 employees and revenues of more than EUR 500 million in 2019.

11 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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