MC Digital Osaka Connected Campus (KIX)

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In addition to its existing Osaka data centers KIX10 and KIX11, MC Digital Realty plans to construct further adjacent data centers (KIX12, KIX13 and so on) to develop a Connected Campus offering a combined total IT load capacity of over 100MW.

The development of this Connected Campus is expected to further enhance the site’s power-supply capabilities and network environment.

While each data center facility building within the campus will ensure maximum safety through complete independence, without relying on specific functionality of other buildings, the formation of a Connected Campus through mutual network connections between buildings. This enables a customer to expand non-adjacently.

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MC Digital Osaka Connected Campus (KIX) Data Center Photos

KIX11 Facility at launch in 2019
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2nd building on campus launched in 2019
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Drone shot of the Osaka KIX Campus

Operating Company

MC Digital Realty, Inc. is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation and Digital Realty. In addition to offering high levels of robustness and security, stable power supply, air conditioning and other functionality, MC Digital Realty combines Mitsubishi Corporation's realty and IT-related knowledge with Digital Realty's network of overseas customers and expertise in large-scale data center operations and delivery. MC Digital Realty provides data center operation services to satisfy the global-standard requirements of end users in Japan

10 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
130.1 Megawatts
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Name Date Added Description
kix10_osaka_brochure_sepv01_2015 September 2015

KIX10 data sheet

osaka_data_centre_brochure March 2019

KIX10 data sheet (2019)

mcdr_digital_osaka_2__062019 June 2019

MCDR Digital Osaka 2 data sheet

mcdr_kix11_leafret_en_a4 July 2019

KIX11 DRT data sheet