Macquarie IC4 Bunker

2609 Canberra ACT

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2609 Canberra ACT (Location is Approximate. Please contact us with a more exact address)
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Sites within 15 miles of Macquarie IC4 Bunker

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Distance Site About
4.59 miles CDC Fyshwick 2
4.92 miles CDC Fyshwick 1
7.20 miles NEXTDC Canberra C1
7.20 miles Cyxtera Canberra 3PCANB1
7.57 miles DCI Canberra CBR01
CBR01 will be ready for service in 2024
8.46 miles CDC Hume 2
8.46 miles CDC Hume 3
8.49 miles CDC Hume 1

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4 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
57.0 Megawatts
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