Macquarie Data Centres: Macquarie Data Centers announces expansion plans at upcoming data center in Sydney, Australia

Aug 25, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Macquarie Data Centres has shared its expansion plans for an upcoming data center in Sydney, Australia. 

First announced in July 2021, the IC3 Super West will have its planned capacity increased to cater to high-density workloads, with a potential to increase its IT load to 45MW - this is a 41 percent increase from original plans (32MW). 

The company raised AU$130 million (US$88m) to develop IC3 West earlier this year.

Speaking about this development, Macquarie Data Centres group executive David Hirst said: "According to CSIRO, the Australian economy could gain A$315 billion by 2028 through the integration of AI. However, unlocking the full potential of AI hinges on the availability of advanced AI-ready data centers."

"To ensure optimal performance in training and inference of these AI models, we are designing our upcoming data centers to meet and surpass the demanding requirements for higher densities," he added. 

Macquarie Data Centres currently owns and operates two campuses in Sydney and two bunker data centers in Canberra.