Macquarie Data Centres: Horizon Power Migrates to Macquarie Data Center's Private Cloud

Mar 17, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The regional energy supplier for Western Australia, Horizon Power, has migrated its IT workloads to Macquarie's cloud. The power company contracted with Macquarie Telecom and Macquarie Cloud Services to switch to a private cloud environment and lessen its reliance on data centers. The company took six months to complete this process. According to Jeff Campbell, senior technology manager at Horizon Power, the decision is part of the company's effort to give its clients a "cleaner" service. The state government has set a goal of cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2030, and it is thought that using a cloud provider can assist Horizon in meeting this goal. 

Due to its capacity to handle the operating system and industrial controls system required by Horizon and the assurance of data security that the cloud provider provides, Macquarie was chosen. Horizon plans to upgrade its existing suite of sophisticated tools, all of which will get support from Macquarie. 
Prior to this, Horizon Power functioned out of on-site data centers; however, this information is not made available to the general public. The company launched an Internet of Things Living Lab in May 2022 and expanded it to Lake Argule, Kununurra, and Wyndham to establish a digital environment for managing Western Australia's grid. 

Across 1 million square miles of Western Australia, the energy firm generates, distributes, and retails power to more than 44,000 users. The Geospatial Intelligence Program, which offers additional insight into the network across the state, notably monitoring maintenance requirements and planning expansions, was launched by Horizon Power in November 2022 in collaboration with Altavec, a cloud-based geospatial intel platform.