Macquarie Data Centres: 49% of Chilean GTD's Data Center Division Will be Purchased by Macquarie

Mar 20, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Australian investment firm Macquarie Capital made a non-binding bid that Chilean telecoms company GTD accepted to purchase 49% of a new subsidiary that includes all data centers in Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Moreover, property designated for future data centers is included in the sale. No investment sum was made public. GTD is implementing a five-year, US$600 million investment plan to expand networks and construct data centers in Barranquilla, Colombia, and Lurn, Peru. Although it will undoubtedly rely on bids and delivery timeframes, GTD President Fernando Gana has stated that the sites for the new data centers have already been secured and that the building is anticipated to begin in 2023. He continued by expressing his desire to be in operation in 2024. 

In February 2022, GTD began seeking an investment partner, concentrating on financiers for digital infrastructure. On December 28, Macquarie made an offer, and the board immediately decided to analyze it. The non-binding offer presupposes the closing paperwork will be negotiated and subject to due diligence before the agreements become legally binding. Infrastructure for communications, transportation, real estate, energy, utilities, and renewable energy are all areas in which Macquarie develops and invests. It invests in Aligned Data Centers, which recently bought Odata from Brazil, and is a partner of the Digital Bridge investment in the Mexico Telecom Partners tower business in the regional ICT market.