Luxembourg Data Center Market

The Luxembourg data center market is located in the region of Western Europe within EMEA. Luxembourg has 15 facilities with 161,000 sqft and 55 megawatts.

The top providers in Luxembourg are ebrc (European Business Reliance Centre) (4 sites) and DATA4 Group with 2 facilities. The most popular facilities are EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West and EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West.

Market Facts

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Data Centers in Luxembourg

Name Address Gross SqFt Type
EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West 3 Rue Pierre Flammang 53,820 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
EBRC European Reliance Centre East Parc Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications L-6832 Betzdorf Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 53,820 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
LuxConnect Bettembourg Campus 4 rue Graham Bell 158,230 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Visual Online Contern 6 Rue Goell Carrier
Data4 Luxembourg 4 Rue Graham Bell Carrier-Neutral
European Data Hub 12 Rue Guillaume Kroll 59,200 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg South 210 Rue de Noertzange 53,820 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Verizon Luxembourg 4 Rue de l'Étang Carrier
Tango Bertrange 177 Rue de Luxembourg Carrier
Telkea 1 Rue de Bitbourg 1 Rue de Bitbourg Carrier
ebrc Resilience Centre Luxembourg City 5 Rue Eugène Ruppert Carrier-Neutral
BCE Colocation Luxembourg 45 Boulevard Pierre Frieden Carrier-Neutral
Datacenter Luxembourg SA 4 rue Graham Bell Carrier-Neutral
LuxConnect Bissen DC2 Z.A.C Klengbousbierg 51,667 Gross SqFt Carrier-Neutral
Data4 Luxembourg SARL 8 Rue Henri M. Schnadt Carrier-Neutral

Largest Providers in Luxembourg

ebrc (European Business Reliance Centre)
Facilities: 4
Power: 22 MWs
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DATA4 Group
Facilities: 2
Power: 3 MWs
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LuxConnect S.A.
Facilities: 2
Power: 28 MWs
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Verizon Enterprise
Facilities: 1
Power: 0 MWs
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