LuxConnect Bettembourg Campus

4 rue Graham Bell

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The LuxConnect campus consists of 4 data centers DC1.1, DC1.2, DC1.3, DC2.

Site Built Sq M SqFt MW
DC 1.1 June 2009 3,100 33,368 5
DC 1.2 January 2011 1,300 13,993 5
DC 1.3 August 2015 5,500 59,202 8
Total 9,900 106,563 18

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4 rue Graham Bell
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Sites within 15 miles of LuxConnect Bettembourg Campus

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Distance Site About
0.00 miles Datacenter Luxembourg SA
0.00 miles Data4 Luxembourg
2.75 miles EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg South
5.12 miles European Data Hub
5.32 miles Data4 Luxembourg SARL
The facility was a former Secure IT site that was acquired in 2012.
5.57 miles ebrc Resilience Centre Luxembourg City
7.35 miles Tango Bertrange
7.78 miles Telkea 1 Rue de Bitbourg
7.83 miles Verizon Luxembourg
7.98 miles Visual Online Contern
9.47 miles BCE Colocation Luxembourg
12.10 miles EBRC Resilience Centre Luxembourg West
16.22 miles EBRC European Reliance Centre East
19.75 miles LuxConnect Bissen DC2

LuxConnect Bettembourg Campus Data Center Photos

Bettembourg DC 1.2

LuxConnect DC1.2

Source: LuxConnect
The facility opened in 2015.
Rendering of the LuxConnect DC1.3

The facility opened in 2015.

Rendering of DC1.3 with a Grass Roof
Source: LuxConnect

LuxConnect Campus Layout in Bettembourg and Bissen
Posted in LuxConnect S.A.
Source: LuxConnect

Operating Company

Founded in 2006

2 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
28.0 Megawatts
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