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4 Rue Graham Bell

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In 2012, the site was acquired rom Secure IT.

Created in 2003, DATA4 chose to locate its data center campus 5km from Luxembourg City to develop its secure data storage offer within resilient and redundant infrastructure in a quality environment.

DATA4 operates 3,000 m² of net technical area in clean rooms, shared between 3 buildings that are completely dedicated to data hosting for 2.4 MW of effective computing power.

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4 Rue Graham Bell
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The facility was a former Secure IT site that was acquired in 2012.
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Operating Company

Created in 2006 by Colony Capital, DATA4 is the European specialist in the construction and operation of ultra-secure data centers for French and international companies in the digital, manufacturing, service and banking and insurance sectors, who are seeking to outsource their data.

DATA4 manages flexible, high-performance and carrier- and cloud-neutral data centers, offering solutions from one colocation rack all the way through to purpose-built, dedicated facilities.

DATA4 Group operates data centers in France, Italy and Luxembourg, with a total net technical area of 22,000m² of IT rooms and more than 32 MW of IT power.

Company History:

2006: Creation of DATA4, joint venture between Alcatel, French telecommunications giant, and Colony Capital, international investment fund.

2007: The first client is hosted on the Paris campus

2009: The third building comes on line

2010: The fourth building comes on line

2011: The fifth building comes on line

2012: The sixth building comes on line and incorporates a high-density room.

2012: Acquisition of 3 data centers in Luxembourg, from Secure IT

2013: Creation of the Milan campus

2014: The first client from Milan is hosted

2015: A new executive committee is appointed to support the Group's growth targets.

2015: Second and third buildings in Milan comes on line

6 Facilities Owned
5 Markets Served
107.4 Megawatts
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