LDeX Manchester LDex2

Unit 6 Waterside

Operated by: LDeX Group

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Unit 6 Waterside
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Sites within 15 miles of LDeX Manchester LDex2

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Distance Site About
0.10 miles Equinix Manchester MA3
1.87 miles Equinix Manchester MA2
1.87 miles DRT Manchester
1.90 miles iomart DC6 Manchester
1.90 miles iomart: Melbourne Turing House
2.28 miles Equinix Manchester MA4
2.38 miles Equinix Manchester MA1
3.13 miles Level3 Manchester
6.17 miles TeleData
8.33 miles Redcentric Manchester
13.60 miles Level3 Warrington

LDeX Manchester LDex2 Data Center Photos

Operating Company

LDeX Group
2 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
0 Megawatts
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