Equinix Manchester MA1

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Site: Equinix Manchester MA1

Company: Equinix
Metro: Manchester
Country: England
Country: United Kingdom
Region: Western Europe
Region: Europe
Region: EMEA
Gross SqFt: 17,964

This was a Telecity managed datacenter before Equinix acquired Telecity in July 2016.

Map and Nearby Locations:

Unit 3 Williams House, Manchester Science Park, Lloyd Street North, Manchester M15 6SE, United Kingdom

SITES within 15 miles of Equinix Manchester MA1

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Distance Site name SqFt MW
0.10 miles Equinix Manchester MA4
0.52 miles iomart DC6 Manchester 3,000
0.52 miles iomart: Melbourne Turing House 2,500 0.50
0.53 miles Equinix Manchester MA2
0.53 miles DRT Manchester
1.73 miles Level3 Manchester
2.38 miles LDeX Manchester LDex2
2.38 miles Equinix Manchester MA3 32,292 3.50
5.96 miles Redcentric Manchester