Manchester: Former Barclays data center to undergo transformation and be brought back into service

Nov 10, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

According to reports, Manchester City Council is looking to redevelop a former Barclays data center from the 1970s and bring it back into service. Currently, the council is looking for public feedback on its regeneration proposals for Wythenshawe town center, having already completed the acquisition of the town center from St. Modwen’s.

Manchester City Council

Alongside the data center, which it seeks to increase the capacity of and modernize, the council has also proposed new residential developments, co-working spaces, food halls, cultural spaces, and a new civic square. 

The council explained: “Originally the Barclays building was designed as a data center with small windows and limited natural light so repurposing it for a modern data/IT market should be an ideal fit,” adding: “Wythenshawe has excellent fiber provision with Fibre-wise, Zayo, and EUNetworks all having capacity running very close to Rowlandsway. The former Barclays data center provides another opportunity [to Wythenshawe].”