Contegix St Louis

210 North Tucker Boulevard

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Contegix's St Louis site is in Neutrality’s 210 Tucker Building.

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210 North Tucker Boulevard (6th Floor)
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Distance Site About
0.01 miles 210 N Tucker (Netrality) St Louis Carrier Hotel
210 N Tucker and 900 Walnut are directly interconnected by Netrality or one of the many carriers within the facilities
0.05 miles TierPoint St Louis-Olive
24/7 onsite security and engineering staff
0.15 miles Level3 St Louis (1015 Locust)
0.25 miles H5: St Louis
0.28 miles 900 Walnut Street (Netrality) St Louis Carrier Hotel
900 Walnut is a hub for IP traffic and is a principle interconnection point between carriers, service providers and enterprise customers in St Louis.
0.28 miles Level3 St Louis (900 Walnut)
0.28 miles TierPoint St Louis-Walnut
Redundant (A+B) power distribution to each cabinet Power metering and utilization reporting by circuit, cabinet and room
0.28 miles XO: 900 Walnut
6.14 miles Ascent St Louis STL1
24' clear heights - flexibility in overhead and/or underfloor infrastructure, cabling and cooling options 40' column spacing - greater space utilization, mobility in infrastructure and cabinet placement
12.82 miles XO St Louis 2020 Westport
14.03 miles Cyxtera St Louis SL1

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Suite 600
Contegix's name is on the building

Contegix's name is on the building

Operating Company

Contegix operates N+1 data centers in St. Louis & Kansas City, Missouri; Reading, Pennsylvania; Dallas, Texas, and Amsterdam. As of 2017, Contegix had roughly $60 million in annualized revenues and 200 employees acquired by Contegix

Admo was founded in 1998 and was acquired by Contegix in December 2016.

Admo is one of Kansas City’s largest data center providers, with two facilities in the area and more than 70 clients.

The acquisition adds six employees to Contegix’s headcount. Adam Ward, founder and CEO of Admo, will join Contegix as senior director of cloud architecture and services and be part of Contegix’s extended leadership team.

Contegix's Self Description:

Contegix® provides cloud, application lifecycle management, and managed services to all markets from start-up to enterprise. Offering public (AWS & Azure), private, and hybrid cloud, we also serve as a trusted advisor for IaaS and PaaS. We are the global leader in Atlassian hosting and deliver advanced web content management services for Drupal, Magento and WordPress, among others. As a FedRAMP-authorized service provider, Contegix offers federal agencies secure cloud storage and solutions. Our PaaS BlackMesh SecureCloud, provided by Contegix, meets strict government security guidelines, which puts us amongst the top FedRAMP authorized providers.

We automate the hosting and development process to provide speed, agility, and growth, while ensuring security compliance. State-of-the-art data centers, located in St. Louis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Toronto, Reston, VA, Reading and Bethlehem, PA, Dallas, and Amsterdam, coupled with federal security and compliance certifications, allow us to offer FedRAMP, FISMA, HIPAA and PCI compliant solutions to a wide range of geographically diverse customers.

9 Facilities Owned
8 Markets Served
5.0 Megawatts
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