Compass Red Oak DFW III-II

481 Austin Blvd

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481 Austin Blvd
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0.24 miles Google Red Oak TX
0.41 miles Compass Red Oak Campus
Located in south of the Metro, Compass’ second metro campus can expand to more than 155 acres and 262 MW of power.
0.45 miles Compass: Red Oak I
3.29 miles Skybox: PowerCampus Dallas
The Skybox PowerCampus is Located at Oncor’s deregulated power territory, Lancaster, TX. PowerCampus™ Dallas will strategically address emerging high-density compute needs in the Dallas area providing up to 300 MWs of power
15.91 miles Google Midlothian TX
Google purchased 375 acres in the Railport Business Park in May 2017 and in July 2018 received Ellis County approval on a 10 year tax abatement agreement between the county and Google. The land was acquired under the entity Sharka LLC.
16.13 miles Aligned: DFW-03
Aligned Data Centers plans to construct a large data center building on 44 acres on the west side of North Star Road. The two-story building will total more than 450,000 square feet. A new electrical substation is also planned on the site.
16.56 miles Google: Midlothian, TX (Sharka Data Center - Building 4)
Google has filed to construct a new data center building at its campus at the RailPort Business Park in Midlothian outside Dallas, Texas. The $100 million project is due to see a 170,600 sq ft single-story data center.
16.72 miles DAL1
16.83 miles Cogent: 400 S Akard
16.83 miles Lumen Dallas 4
16.83 miles Sprocket DAL2
16.83 miles DataBank Downtown Dallas DFW1
DataBank's 400 South Akard is a seven-story property built in 1921 to house the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. In 2000 the building was renovated as a datacenter, taking advantage of security features from its use as a banking facility.
16.83 miles Opus Interactive Dallas
16.83 miles 400 S Akard - Digital Realty
The building is a eight story (7 stories with a basement) multi-tenant data center. An original five-story building which was constructed in 1921 for the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, and was enlarged by two floors and a mechanical penthouse in 1939. In 1959, the building was expanded to the east with a new adjoining five-story building, and received additional major renovations in 1998 and 2007. Digital Realty Trust is the building owner, but there are many other data center operators in the building, including: DataBank DFW-1 Level3 Sprocket DAL2 Cogent Opus Interactive
16.98 miles Lumen Dallas 3
17.07 miles Opus3
17.21 miles Sprocket DAL1
17.21 miles Provision Data Services
The building's utility provider is Oncor, which provides redundant access to electrical substations. The data center can provide 2N power redundancy.
17.38 miles Dallas
17.45 miles Equinix Dallas DA4
17.45 miles 2323 Bryan - Digital Realty
Digital Realty's 2323 Bryan Street is an internet gateway and carrier facility in Dallas. Located in the Central Business District (CBD), the building consists of 26 floors and approximately 477,000 SF of datacenter, PBB and office space. Telx (acquired by DRT) operated the building's Meet-Me Room (MMR). The 35,036 sqft MMR is in suite 2440.
17.45 miles Alpheus Dallas (2323 Bryan)
17.45 miles CyrusOne Downtown Dallas
17.45 miles Earthlink Dallas
17.45 miles Atlantic Metro Dallas DFW2
18.21 miles 4101 Bryan Street
The 4101 Bryan data center has changed hands many times. First owned by Switch and Data. It was acquired in 2010 by Equinix. Equinix then sold the data center to 365 Data Centers. In June 2015, 365 Data Centers sold the facility to an unknown buyer.
18.40 miles DataBank DFW5
18.40 miles Atlantic Metro Dallas DFW1
18.40 miles Cologix DAL1, DAL2, DAL3
Cologix DAL1 (28,000 SF) & DAL2 (12,000 SF) are both located in the carrier dense Infomart.
18.40 miles Flexential Dallas Infomart I-V
18.40 miles Lumen Dallas 2
18.40 miles Verizon Dallas (Infomart)
18.40 miles Infomart Dallas - Equinix Dallas - 1950 N Stemmons Fwy
The Infomart is the center of network Interconnection and Peering in Dallas. In fact, the Infomart is the nexus of the Interconnection marketplace for the entire South Central United States. The only other building with reasonable network density is Digital Realty's 2323 Bryant Street.
18.42 miles XO: Infomart
18.47 miles Equinix Dallas DA11
19.18 miles ColoCrossing DFW1
19.18 miles TierPoint Dallas (Colo4)
The site was formerly operated by Colo4 before being acquired by TierPoint in 2010
19.20 miles QuadraNet Dallas
19.20 miles Contegix Dallas
19.29 miles CenturyLink Dallas (3180 Irving)

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Compass Datacenters provides solutions from the core to the edge. We serve cloud and SaaS providers, enterprises, colocation and hosting companies and customers with distributed infrastructure requirements.

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10 Markets Served
289.3 Megawatts
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